GitHub, Staff Software Engineer - Pittsburgh, PA

  • Copilot IDE

Google, Tech Lead Manager - Pittsburgh, PA

APR 2021 - APR 2023
  • Built the platform used by 200+ Google product teams to manage localization into 150+ languages, translating 100M+ words each year.
  • Simultaneously managed six engineers, served as technical lead, and made individual contributions.
  • Architected and prototyped replacement of multiple legacy applications with a single platform. Sustained multi-year migration timeline by applying agile methodologies and consistent alignment between engineering teams, product, UX, and business stakeholders.
  • Reviewed 500+ changes as company-wide approver for TypeScript language, providing mentorship and upholding code quality.

Google, Senior Software Engineer - Pittsburgh, PA

AUG 2019 - APR 2021
  • Designed and developed full-stack web applications critical to Google Play, Maps, and user support.
  • Launched rich-text editor for real-time translation for support agents using custom language models, enabling $30M+ in cost savings.
  • Migrated content and copyright review applications from legacy tech stack. Reduced time spent per review by 52% by improving workflow design and user experience.
  • Built Angular components used company-wide.

Google, Product Tech Manager - New York, NY

NOV 2017 - AUG 2019
  • Managed DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) from feature design to global deployment.
  • Interfaced directly with customers and partners in order to expand integrations and land new business.
  • Grew streaming video ad revenue 4x YoY by expanding customer base 6x globally.
  • Monetized live events with millions of concurrent users such as the NFL Super Bowl, MLB world series, IPL cricket tournament with individually targeted video ads.

Google, Solutions Engineer - New York, NY

AUG 2015 - NOV 2017
  • Managed relationships with broadcasting partners such as CBS, Fox, A&E, Disney.
  • Embedded with customers to help develop mobile apps, connected devices, and video streaming.
  • Built monitoring and set up an on-call rotation to proactively fix live stream issues 24x7.

Georgia Tech Research Institute, Research Scientist - Atlanta, GA

MAY 2014 - AUG 2015
  • Built Angular web applications for collaborative applied systems engineering.

Georgia Tech, Teaching Assistant - Atlanta, GA

JAN 2014 - MAY 2014
  • Held office hours, graded homework and tests for CS 3510 Design and Analysis of Algorithms.

Yahoo!, Software Engineering Intern - Sunnyvale, CA

MAY 2013 - AUG 2013
  • Built and alpha-beta tested a native ad format for Yahoo News.

Digital Assent, Software Developer - Atlanta, GA

JAN 2012 - DEC 2012
  • Worked directly with the CTO/co-founder on a tablet solution for health care practices.


Georgia Institute of Technology, BSc Computer Science - Atlanta, GA

AUG 2010 - MAY 2014
Highest Honors


Angular, AngularDart, RxJS, Material Design, React, Django, Spanner, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
TypeScript, JavaScript, Dart, Java, Python, Go, Scala, SQL, Sass, Bash, Clojure, MATLAB, Protobufs
Web, Chrome extensions, Chromecast, iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Roku