• break up css by media queries
    • is there a way to do this with sass?
  • add service worker, pass lighthouse audit
    • load content pjax
  • make header anchor link look nicer
    • i think script is not needed with kramdown
  • remove text next to logos in footer, single file logos, make them larger
  • add travis tests!

Posts to Write

  • site migration
    • move domain to google
    • move site to netlify
    • enable netlify ssl lock


  • formatting error with arrow?

  • redirect to
    • or break that out to a separate site
      • could allow for more opt
      • easier to manage?
  • add link to pdf verison on html version
    • make sure this is no print in css
  • better line spacing (less content indigestion)
    • maybe change to actual bullets
    • used the squint check
  • clean up skills section
    • one or two lines, e.g Skills: Javascript for progressive enhacement and client-side webapps, Python, Scala, Java, Clojure, SQL databases as well as mongo. See more at and
  • writing: focus more on results rather than duties/tasks